Synagen Systems

Synagen Systems

Global ICT Consultancy Services

Improving your ICT efficiency and achieving your productivity goals.

Things not going as well as they could with rolling out IT systems?

Are your corporate risks and issues being tracked and addressed efficiently?

We will give you the independent ICT consulting and project management expertese you need to get you on track.

We have 40 years experience in software development, business analysis, project management, problem solving and team leadership.

Let us get your next, or current, major project on the right path and achieve amazing results.


Chaotic Software Implementation?

Uncontrollable software development teams are a blight on your company's ability to grow, and a drain on finances and productivity.

Many IT sections have grown to believe that their purpose is to create software that they like, and that the end-users are irrelevant.

You probably have some strong personalities who believe that programmers should design your computer systems to meet their needs, rather than the needs of the company.

We have the experience you need to solve these types of problems. We will re-align your software development and operations sections to align with corporate goals and become profit oriented and highly efficient.

Project over-runs a problem?

Major project over-runs, over budget, never ending, or total failure, have been a plague on businesses and government departments since the begining. The problems always stem from lack of defined processes, strong leadership, buy-in of senior management, strong project leadership, and agreement on deliverables, roles and responsibilities.

We have the expertese and experience to manage your projects efficiently - on budget and on time!

Refocus your IT mindset to profits

Traditionally, IT departments have simply pushed changes out the door, without consulting with the business, or allowed projects to run for years without results.

We will refocus your ICT section on results and benefits - quality business improvements that bring genuine financial gain, as opposed to large numbers of useless changes.