Synagen Systems

Synagen Systems

About us.

Synagen is owned and managed by IT veterans with over 60 combined years experience working with major organisations around the world, designing and implementing business and technical IT solutions for a wide range of industries across the globe. We are based in Sydney, Australia, but operate globally, either via remote working, or on-site, wherever you are, wherever you need us.

Our Goals.

  • Bringing order and harmony to chaos and disharmony.
  • Increasing the productivty and efficiency of our business partners.
  • Improving harmony within and between IT teams and other sections of your organisation.
  • Successfully delivering major IT systems into your organisation.
  • Successfully implementing organisational change, with minimum disruption to your organisation.

Our Philosophy.

Every difficult situation is an opportunity to grow, improve, add value, increase harmony within your organisation.

Services available

Synagen Systems Ltd. provides a wealth of IT-related services to help you improve your productivity, efficiency and profitability. Services provided include :

  • Managing overseas vendors.
  • Project and Programme Management.
  • Risk analysis and mitigation.
  • Security analysis.
  • Cloud migration planning and management.
  • Bringing harmony to your IT team.
  • Business Analysis and system design.
  • Development and analysis team leadership.
  • Off-the-shelf software package - either standalone or web-based.
  • Off-the-shelf package with tailored modifications.
  • A fully custom-made system tailored to your exact needs, at very competitive prices.
We can be an independent component in your development project to ensure it stays on track and ensure all parties provide what you intend them to provide. All projects imbue our core values of : Independance, Quality, Value, Efficiency, Integrity, Accuracy, Professionalism.

Creating state of the art software utilising the latest technologies and design philosophies.

Synagen Systems provide you with a dedicated team to ensure there are no misunderstandings in the design, and to oversee the development and testing process. So for your next project - relax, go on holiday, and know that everything is under control of an experienced, efficient team. We aren't just an software shop, we are your partner in helping you improve the efficiency of your business.