Synagen Systems
Synagen Systems

Improving your ICT efficiency and achieving your productivity goals.

Things not going as well as they could with rolling out IT systems?

Are your corporate risks and issues being tracked and addressed efficiently?


Chaotic Software Implementation?

Uncontrollable software development teams are a blight on your company's ability to grow, and a drain on finances and productivity.

Many IT sections have grown to believe that their purpose is to create software that they like, and that the end-users are irrelevant.

You probably have some strong personalities who believe that programmers should design your computer systems to meet their needs, rather than the needs of the company.

We have the experience you need to solve these types of problems. We will re-align your software development and operations teams to align with corporate goals and become profit oriented and efficient.

Project over-runs a problem?

Major project over-runs, over budget, never ending, or total failure, have been a plague on businesses and government departments since the begining. The problems always stem from lack of defined processes, strong leadership, buy-in of senior management, strong project leadership, and agreement on deliverables, roles and responsibilities.

We have the expertese and experience to manage your projects efficiently - on budget and on time!

Refocus your IT mindset to profits

Traditionally, IT departments have simply pushed changes out the door, without consulting with the business, or allowed projects to run for years without results.

We will refocus your ICT section on results and benefits - quality business improvements that bring genuine financial gain, as opposed to large numbers of useless changes.


PMO Implementation

Implementing an efficient Project Management Office - even for a small company, is vital to ensure projects are implemented, managed, and closed efficiently, and reporting standards (such as KPI's) are maintained.

Synagen Systems will help you implement an efficient PMO, with reporting and management standards appropriate for the size and style of your business.

Project Recovery

Do you have a major project that is not moving forwards? Costs and time are running over budget? Project failure can happen to anybody, and to any project.

Troubled projects carry a high cost both to your organization and, by association, to you and to key executives.

Sponsors, clients, customers and other stakeholders demand immediate results and corrective actions.

Steps to project recovery will include:

  • Establish Recovery Project Team and manager, with executive sponsorship
  • Assess project status, goals, risks and issues.
  • Review project documentation, budgets, resources.
  • Interview stakeholders and management.
  • Implement executive project review team.
  • Produce recovery plan. Agreement and support of senior executive team is critical at this point.
  • Implement recovery plan.
  • Regular progress reviews (every 1-3 weeks). Adjust and refocus quickly, as required.
  • Deliver desired outcome.
  • Post-project review

Organisational Change Management

When a new product is introduced that will alter business processes (and every product changes processes), how much consideration is given to the impact on workers, customers, end users, and organisation efficiency?

Never introduce new software or changes to software or business processes without appropriate consideration of the impacts, and need to communication, consultation, documentation and training.

Introducing our Change Management services early in the project process (before development or procurement starts) will ensure the implementation goes smoothly, users understand the proposed changes, are aware of the timeframe, are sufficiently trained and made constantly aware of schedule changes and understande the impacts to their work life.

Don't let unannounced changes negatively impact what should be a positive change.