Synagen Systems
Synagen Systems

Cloud Migration Support Services

Helping you migrate your applications to Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud Platform

We have the expertese to design, plan and manage the migration of your in-house, Godaddy, or other hosted applications, to a high-performance, powerful, flexible cloud-based system.

Why cloud? Because frequently, hosting services are slow, difficult to manage, constrained in what can be implemeted, suffer lengthy outages.

With self-hosting on a cloud server, you have total control over the server, can scale up or down as you need, can implement whatever applications you want, and have complete control. You can increase the responsiveness and capacity of your applications as you need, and manage your security and backups as you want.
  • Analysis of existing systems and databases
  • Analysis of system interconnections and system-level requirements
  • Recommendations for cloud hosting configuration and sizing.
  • Security analysis
  • Network, load balancing and failover design
  • Planning application and database migration strategy.
  • Liaising with cloud host technicians and customer service.
  • Configuring backup and recovery
  • Managing migration
  • Change management
  • Go-live planning

Don't move to cloud without first consulting us!